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Our Story

Hello New Mum

We’re Carol and Anna, lifelong hairdressers, mums, and co-owners of three award-winning hair salons. When clients trust you with their hair, they trust you with their secrets, their worries, their stories. The story that we hear time and time again from new mums is always the same: 

“I’m stressed because I want to look my best so I can get back to feeling like myself but my hair is falling out. I don’t have the time right now for time consuming hair masks and treatments that don’t seem to make any noticeable difference.” 

If You're Like Us, Falling Hair Panics You

If you’re like us, falling hair panics you. It’s everywhere and you don’t know when it will end. You know you should do something about it before it gets any worse, but you’ve no idea what. You’ve likely wondered if there was a vitamin supplement especially for new mums that supports healthy postpartum hair growth.  

Because beautiful hair starts from the inside, we created a hair vitamin supplement especially for new mums. Blended with hair-hero ingredients marine collagen and biotin and a host of high performance vitamins and minerals, Born:Again gives new mums everything they need for hair that looks and feels its best. 

We’re committed to helping you get your hair mojo back so you can stop feeling distressed. The process is simple - get your Born:Again, take one-a day, and love your hair.

Carol and Anna x